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The grace and peace of God be with you.  Welcome to my newly designed sermons web page. As before, feel free to utilise material from my sermons—but please, do give credit where credit is due. I have now completed the process of revising each of my six sermon archives with a scriptural index, in chronological order according to the liturgical church year. My hope and prayer for the reader is that these sermons would do more good than harm, and be, in one way or another, a source of God’s oceanic grace at work in your life.

CLICK ON MY New Sermons LINK for my most recent sermons—i.e. beginning with 1st Sunday Of Advent, December 3, 2006.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not necessarily endorse the pop-ups or advertisements on this web page or on any of my other web pages.

God bless you in your preaching!J  Pastor Garth